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  • How we were able to cut our operating costs.

To reduce monthly electricity cost,
the Denguard was chosen and supportedby satisfied customers in various business fields.

Here are success stories from our valued customers.

CASE.1 Company A

We have multiple high energy consumption devices, which was our concern….

Average 25.7% reduction in energy consumption and expense in six months!

Our largest energy consumption wasour ceilinglight fixtures, indirect lighting in hallways, outdoor electric illumination, panel lighting and more.

On top of that, all the PC and the peripheral equipment the staff useon a dailybasis contributed to constant energy use.

We knew that we couldn’t go on like this,and we had consideredreplacing all of the existing equipment to eco-friendly energy saving products. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to pursue that since it would have cost us a fortune. Then, we found the Denguard.

When I learned that the Dengurad is easy to install, doesn’t require any expensive initial cost other than the cost for the Denguard itself, and its durability. I brought it to my manager.

Denguard representatives explained the process in an easy-to-understand method making the decision to purchase the Denguard quick and easy one.

We were amazed bythe drastic cost reduction in only a month, and itcontinuedon to the following month and afterwards. As a result, we saved about ¥170,000 in just six months.

We wereshocked that how much wasteful energy losswe had been paying for.

Unit: Yen

83,316 76,426 102,187 88,009 82,164 76,544 53,669 562,315
57,284 59,821 79,813 67,001 49,130 43,631 30,153 386,833

▲The reduction in energy cost is evident in a consistent decrease in energy bills.

CASE.2 Company B

Installed it at ourrestaurant. See the results yourself!

Up to 28.8% power usage reduction!

Our restaurant uses numerous lighting and heating equipment that is in constant operation.

Of course, our monthly electricity bill was very high, leading to an enormous annual expense.

Reducing the existingequipment wasn’t an option, and replacingthe old circuit breaker was also high risk. We tried various methods of power conservation, turning off lights as soon as possible and even coming up with events such as candle light dinners.

Our business associateintroduced us to the Denguard by chance. We weren’t so sure aboutits credibility at first; however, theirsatisfaction guarantee policy and low initial cost were hard to resist.

Then, we thought that we had nothing to lose, and it had to be better than not doing anything, so we went ahead and tried it out. Now we are so happy with the amazing results!

We placed the Denguardfor six months and saw a 47% reduction in energy cost!

We have set a new record on cost reduction.

Now we wish we would have known about the Denguard sooner.We are very thankful for our business associate thatintroduced us to the product!

Usage(kwh) Ayear-on-year
reduction rate
Electricity bill (yen) Ayear-on-year
reduction value
  2015 2016   2015 2016  
FEB 16,831 11,936 ▲29.1% 45,4437 322,272 ▲132,165
MAR 16,897 12,066 ▲28.6% 45,6219 325,782 ▲130,437
TOTAL 39,702 29,906 75.3% 1,057,705 780,250 14.8%

▲The reduction ratio was calculated based on the power usage.

Simple start with a rentalDenguard! We’re glad that we made an inquiry!
Company C

DENGUARD photograph

Saw positive resultsin justa few months! Now we sincerely trust the Denguard!

Although we had known about the Denguard for quite some time, we wereskeptical at first since it sounded too good to be true.

No complicated installation needed and all we had to do was toplace it on the circuit breaker.

If for any reasons you are not satisfied with the results, you also get your money back.

Even then we weren’t sure about a purchase, so wedecided to rent, risk-free.

As a result, we enjoyed a reduction in power usage by average 9.1% of in thefirst six months!

The result has surpassed our expectation, and nowwe wish wewould’ve bought it sooner.

We weretruly amazed by the cost-effectiveness!

Best regards,


2014 4,452 4,084 5,034 4,369 4,264 4,213 2,980
2015 3,210 3,548 4,523 4,001 2,987 2,921 1,997
Reduction Ratio 28.0% 13.1% 10.0% 8.5% 31.0% 30.7% 33.0%

▲The reduction ratio was calculated based on the power usage.

We have beencollected proven results from all over Japan.

Area Category Placement Date 2014 Electricity Usage(kwh) 2015 Electricity Usage(kwh) Reduction Ratio
Tokai-shi,Aichi Office May,2015 23,832 22,821 5.9%
Toyohashi-shi,Aichi Comic book Cafe May,2015 36,417 31,370 15.9%
Kita-ku,Nagoya-shi,Aichi Dentist June,2015 375 323 13.9%
Nishi-ku,Nagoya-shi,Aichi Restaurant May,2015 16,064 14,040 16.2%
Komaki-shi,Aichi Ramen Shop June,2015 6,534 5,735 12.5%
Chikusa-ku,Nagoya-shi,Aichi Ramen Shop June,2015 8,863 8,706 11.3%
Handa-shi,Aichi Bar Restaurant May,2015 7,217 7,012 2.8%
Gifu-shi,Gifu Public Bath June,2015 501,251 445,281 9.7%
Meito-ku,Nagoya-shi,Aichi Swimming School May, 2015 178,995 133,731 3.1%
Nisshin-shi,Aichi Public Bath July, 2015 126,880 117,970 7.0%
Anjyo City,Aichi Cell phone Shop April, 2015 29,312 25,946 11.5%
Chita-gun,Aichi Cell Phone Shop April, 2015 33,488 27,336 18.4%
Inazawa-shi,Aichi Cell Phone Shop June,2015 21,100 18,335 13.1%
Inuyamashi,Aichi Cell Phone Shop June,2015 19,797 16,912 14.6%
Kameyama-shi,Mie Cell Phone Shop June,2015 24,994 19,886 20.3%
Matsusaka-shi,Mie Cell Phone Shop June,2015 11,472 10,008 22.8%
Chita-gun,Aichi Cell Phone Shop May,2015 51,316 30,232 41.1%
Chita-gun,Aichi Cell Phone Shop May,2015 28,736 21,236 26.1%
Seto-shi,Aichi Pachinko Parlor Oct. 2015 140,000 131,500 6.1%
Midori-ku,Nagoya-shi,Aichi Nursery School Nov. 2015 26,850 24,980 7.0%